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Thierry Nivelet

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Thierry Nivelet is the President of Abaque, a Consulting and Editing Firm based in Paris, France, providing a large variety of Visual FoxPro-based products and services :
- Business to Business Marketing Systems and DataBases
- Paper, removable media and Internet publications (a.k.a 'catalogs') - zenbuyer
- Expertise to adapt LAN application to work on both LAN and Web - FoxInCloud

Fox In Cloud : the magic fox lives on both LAN and Web!

Do you want your app to run on both LAN and Web? Fox In Cloud brings you the ultimate solution!
With Fox In Cloud, your very same Visual FoxPro code works on both LAN and Web! Fox In Cloud supports: Fox In Cloud is a 100% Visual FoxPro frameWork based on: Fox In Cloud comes with # 1,500 structured classes, methods and procedures, and a powerful code adaptation tool performing over 80% code adaptation work in either scx, vcx or prg, and allowing full application testing before migration.

Demo and source code :

Abaque has been using FoxPro since the early 90's, starting with Fox Software's FoxPro for DOS 1.0.
FoxPro is a wonderful tool for editing either paper-, CD ROM- or Web-base Catalogs.

Thierry Nivelet is a founder and the first President of AtoutFox, the french-speaking FoxPro professional community with over 2,000 members, a specific HTML forum, over 300 contributions and more ...
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