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Things That Really Suck About SQL Server 2000

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Here's my biggest peeve so far: According to the SQL Server 2000 BOL, "the location of shared tools cannot be changed."

This means that things like the SQL Server Books Online must go on the system drive. Try as I might, I am unable to sacrifice anything less than 79 Mb of my precious system drive when I install SQL Server 2000.

When we specify installation volumes for program files and data, why must SQL Server 2000 install arguably movable components like the BOL anywhere else?

Is this not an unreasonable sacrifice even given multiple instances of SQL Server 2000? Shouldn't subsequent instances of SQL Server 2000 find where *I* chose the shared tools to go? Why else do we tolerate the registry, for crying out loud! This sucks!

-- Steven Black

Aww come on Steve, tell us how you really feel!
-- Jim Duffy
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