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Tom Ceruls Delete List

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This is my scratch pad for articles I think should be deleted after their content gets put into the right places.
(I'm Tom Cerul)

My current goal is presenting a good introduction to first time visitors. Towards this end, I'm trying to get introductory information into a small number of pages.

Anything on here needs to have links to it pulled before deletion.
Probably Delete:
Create Your Own Pages - need to keep absolute URL trick, where to put it though...
Inappropriate Wiki - picture size limit question needs moving to Wiki Common Questions Technical probably.
JoinCapitalizedWords - Camel Case covers this -- Done, gone -- ?wgcs
InterCaps and WordMashedTogetherLikeThis -ditto. Done, gone --me
Three Star Topics - is there a way we could describe a category in its topic list? - copied content into (right name space)
Common Schedule Risks - Copywritten, might be kosher because it's a basis for discussion. It looks like the intra wiki links are just plagrized material though.
Research Oriented Development - direct copy. Rapid Development is way over pimped.

Dunno, pages need help if they stay:
Wiki Tips For Beginners
Trying To Learn Links
Great job Tom! I, for one, think you have done a great service for beginners to help them get up to speed with this Wiki and with VFP-related pages. -- Alex Feldstein
Yes, I wish more people would put even a quarter of the effort you are putting in. (hope that makes sence to you.) - ?cfk
It's fairly easy for me, I've got no job. :) :( Tom [2004-03-25]
Note to self,
start discussion of ideal date format for inside the wiki
FYI: You can see what pages refer to the pages listed above by clicking on the topic title when viewing the page -- wgcs
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