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Tom Hayward

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Born of missionary parents, I have lived in a number of places in the world, but I now have a Visual FoxPro job in Chicago.

I started with FoxBase in 1990 after ten years of different flavors of BASIC. Most of my experience is with SBT, custom modifications, version upgrades (which of course, requires updating the mods again), conversions of data formats, but I'm not a stranger to new development work. I've worked in manufacturing, distribution, insurance, education, credit union, state government, national defense, commodity trading, and others, in Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin.

Currently, in January 2009, I work at AXA Assistance USA, Chicago, IL. maintaining programs written in FoxPro.

One of my goals is to help build Chicago FUDG into a powerhouse group which helps FoxPro programmers in many useful and interlocking ways.

Tom H.
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