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Toni Feltman is a partner at F 1 Technologies. F1 Technologies creates and sells a Visual FoxPro framework called Visual FoxExpress. It is an awesome product that you should take a look at before you start your next project. Toni has been one of the principal developers of FoxExpress since its inception back in the FoxPro 2.0 DOS days.

In addition to working on VFE, Toni is a consultant through F1 Technologies. She has built and assisted on projects of varying size and complexity in many different areas of business.

Toni has spoken at numerous Fox Conferences and user groups throughout the US, Canada and Western Europe. In 2004, Toni made her writing debut by contributing a few chapters to the Whats New In Nine book published by Hentzenwerke and publishing several articles in FoxPro Advisor.

Prior to joining F1 Technologies, Toni worked at Fox Software where she met her husband, Mike Feltman.
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