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This is an index of tools coders couldn't live without.

Developers collect and use tools that solve productivity bottle necks regardless of the programming language they use. And any of use who use several languages would like to know about either cross-platform tools, or tools that serve a need that may only be in our periphery at the moment.

Are there more and more actually _useful_ tools? It might be that the profession is maturing to the point where new generations of programmers just expect to have productivity tools, instead of thinking it's not real programming unless they code every scrap themselves (whatever that means). Or, it might be that I'm just paying attention. So, feel free to add your two cents. I'll just start a list of ones I've heard of recently. If you use a tool, please flesh out the topic.

  • CodeSmith -- CodeGenerator
  • CodeCharge -- Database-driven Web Application generator
  • Zope -- Open Source application server
  • Stonefield Database Toolkit -- Visual FoxPro data structure manager
  • Go Fish especially the newest version from VFPx
  • Snag It
    Contributors: Nancy Folsom Randy Bosma

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