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Top Reasons Why Our Clients Should Use Vfp Apps

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As VFP developers we all know (or should know) VFP capabilities, strenghts etc. But how about our prospect clients? There is plenty of literature about VFP but all (as far as I know) dedicated to the developer, written in developers jargon. Would it be possible to elaborate a list of "Top Reasons Why You Client Should Use VFP Applications"? That list written in clients' business "language" could be used to convince them when and why to choose a VFP developed app instead of any other tool.

Visual FoxPro pages in Microsoft's web site say something like what's below. That's great and it touches VFP developers heart. But how about "translating" it to our clients language, even adding more, much more to sell them the idea of a VFP solution?

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Of course that's great info, but IMO directed to developers and it do not "speak" clients' business language. Think that isn't arguments that can be presented and convice them. Perhaps we could "translate" what's in there and use some parts.

Product Overview

"With its local cursor engine, tight coupling between language and data, and powerful features, Visual FoxPro 9.0 is a great tool for building database solutions of all sizes. Its data-centric, object-oriented language offers developers a robust set of tools for building database applications for the desktop, client-server environments, or the Web."

"Developers will have the necessary tools to manage data-from organizing tables of information, running queries, and creating an integrated relational database management system (DBMS) to programming a fully-developed data management application for end users."

Visual FoxPro as an Application Front End

"As a Visual FoxPro developer, you probably find it natural to design your applications around the program's visual design tools. For example, you probably think of your application's user interface in terms of Visual FoxPro forms, menus, and reports. In addition, when you develop applications in Visual FoxPro, you most likely think of storing the application's data in Visual FoxPro tables."

"One way to integrate Visual FoxPro into an enterprise-wide application is to use the visual design tools in Visual FoxPro, but enhance them with the capabilities of other products. Another way is to create your application's look and feel using Visual FoxPro, but to extend the data storage capabilities of your application by taking advantage of the capabilities of other programs or of non-Visual FoxPro data storage options. You can also upsize your Visual FoxPro data by moving it to a database server."

Development for the Enterprise

"Many applications that you create with Visual FoxPro are self-contained solutions to a specific business requirement. For example, you might create a Visual FoxPro application to track your customers, which can include not only database information about the customers, but tools for taking orders, invoicing, and so on. You can create all the features your application needs using the facilities already available in Visual FoxPro, including its database engine, visual design tools, and reporting capabilities."

"But you can also use Visual FoxPro as part of a larger-scale application that involves two or more development tools. Using Visual FoxPro this way - referred to as "enterprise development" - allows you to take advantage of the unique capabilities of each product. Enterprise development can be as simple as maintaining a customer database in Visual FoxPro and creating a mail merge letter in Microsoft Word, or it can involve creating a complex application using client/server databases, Automation servers, electronic mail, and more."

"Visual FoxPro is an ideal tool for creating enterprise-wide business solutions because it features:"

"These features allow you to develop with Visual FoxPro in several roles in an enterprise-wide application. You can use Visual FoxPro:
"The strategy you choose depends on what your application goals are and what programs you want to use."

List of Top Reasons Why Our Clients Should Use VFP Apps:
  1. If the client is short on IT budget, then VFP apps and VFP databases can be a help with that budget and the developers maintenance cost Bhavbhuti Nathwani Any facts to back this up? There are plenty of other solutions that are just as cost effective.
  2. Awesome tool for creating a prototype application really fast. If the client likes it, the power is in the tool to develop the full app in it. Darren Gosnell Many other products give the same benefits.

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