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Top Use Case Mistakes

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The Top Use Case Mistakes

It's easy to get carried away when writing Use Cases. After all, you're typically in a word processor, with your imagination sometimes getting the better of you....
Here are some common mistakes.
10. Writing Functional Requirements instead of usage scenario text
9. Describing attributes and methods rather than usage
8. Writing the use cases too tersely
7. Divorcing yourself completely from the User Interface
6. Avoiding explicit names for your BoundaryObjects
5. Writing using a perspective other than the user's, or in passive voice
4. Describing only user interactions; ignoring system responses
3. Omitting text for alternative courses of action
2. Focusing on something besides what's "inside" a given use case, such as how you get there (precondition) or what happens afterward (postcondition)
1. Spending a month trying to decide whether to use "uses" or "extends"
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