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2003 Past Events (Wiki)2009.04.03
2004 Past Events (SoftwareEng)2009.04.03
2005 Past Events (WIN_COM_API)2009.04.03
2006 Past Events (VFP)2009.04.03
Advanced Object Oriented Programming With Visual FoxPro (WIN_COM_API)2000.08.08
Advice For Conference Attendees (WIN_COM_API)2009.04.17
a Error (WIN_COM_API)2006.03.25
Append Fast (Wiki)2002.07.29
Application Cross Reference (WIN_COM_API)2016.04.18
App Shut Down (Wiki)2008.08.03
Array Browser (Wiki)1999.09.01
ASPand VFP (B2B)2000.09.11
Assert (WIN_COM_API)1999.11.10
Atlanta FUG (WIN_COM_API)2004.04.02
Auto Inc Field Type (Wiki)2013.10.22
Automation Examples (Wiki)2007.08.03
Bar Code Things (Wiki)2006.07.03
Base X (Wiki)2006.10.20
Basic Oracle For VFP (WIN_COM_API)2001.04.26
Basics Of Consulting Chat Log (Wiki)2012.09.13
Basics Of Modeling (WIN_COM_API)2001.05.06
Big System Performance And Visual FoxPro (VFP)2002.10.28
Bk Rela (WIN_COM_API) . .
Bottlenecks (WIN_COM_API)1999.11.13
Builder B (WIN_COM_API)2004.03.06
Built Project File (WIN_COM_API)2005.05.09
C0000005 Ex Error (VFP)2016.08.08
Carl Bot (Wiki) . .
Carl Karsten (WIN_COM_API)2008.04.15
Carls Vcx Utils (WIN_COM_API)2004.05.27
Cat List (WIN_COM_API)2001.10.14
CFK (VFP) . .
Chicago FUDG (Wiki)2017.06.09
Chicago FUDGMinutes 2002 (WIN_COM_API)2005.04.24
Chicago FUDGMinutes 2003 (VB) . .
CHRTRAN (Wiki)2006.02.10
Clean Machine (WIN_COM_API)2003.04.01
Client - Server Applications With Visual FoxPro 6 and SQL Server 7 (DotNet)2001.10.13
Clip Props (Wiki) . .
Code Fork (WIN_COM_API)2001.07.11
Collection (Wiki)2005.03.20
Column Headers In Grids (WIN_COM_API)2010.01.30
COM Codebook WNL (WIN_COM_API) . .
COMC omponent Example (WIN_COM_API)2006.10.30
Com Error Handling (B2B)2001.07.12
Comments On MSAccess (Wiki)2002.12.16
Common Dialog (Wiki)2009.11.02
Confer Carl Web Services (Wiki) . .
Config Dot Fpw (WIN_COM_API)2008.06.23
Connection String (VB)2006.06.25
Container Tree (Wiki)2005.12.09
Copy To Delimited (VFP)2011.09.13
Coverage Profiler (Wiki)2006.11.25
Craig Pilks (Wiki)2002.06.20
Current Version (VFP)2016.01.09
Cursor Cut Paste (People)2005.10.10
Data Modeling (Wiki)2004.03.31
Data Session (B2B)2011.02.04
Data Tier - Diagram (VFP)2003.12.11
Data Typing In VFP (WIN_COM_API)2011.02.16
Dbcx Sync (SoftwareEng) . .
Dbf Cmp (SoftwareEng)1999.11.09
Dbf Location (WIN_COM_API) . .
Debug Friendly Environment (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.09
Default Value (Wiki)2000.12.14
DELETE (Wiki)2006.10.06
Developer Disaster Recovery Procedures (WIN_COM_API)2001.01.09
De Vs Norm Speed (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.15
Drag And Drop (DotNet)2013.05.08
Dynamic Grid Things (Wiki)2007.11.20
Editable Cursors (SQL)2007.04.04
Entity (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.29
e Reports (WIN_COM_API)2006.07.31
e Reports Examples (VFP)2003.11.14
Error Event (Wiki)1999.10.08
Error Handler (Wiki)2014.05.09
Error Handling 101 (WIN_COM_API)2005.04.06
Error In Error Handler (WIN_COM_API)2007.05.04
Evaluating Accounting Software (WIN_COM_API)2000.02.02
Exam 70-155 Case Study 1 (WIN_COM_API)1999.11.14
Exam 70-155 FAC 101 (Wiki)2008.01.30
Exam 70-155 Study Group Who (Wiki)1999.12.13
Exam 70-155 Test Results (Wiki)2000.02.10
Exam 70-156 Case Study (WIN_COM_API)1999.11.28
Exposure To VFP (Wiki)2008.04.11
Field Name Collisions (Wiki)2005.10.04
File Mon (Wiki)2010.04.17
Fox 26 on Fast Cpu (People)2000.01.21
Fox Caching (Wiki)2001.11.20
Fox ISAPIexample (VB)2008.04.22
Fox Libs (Wiki)2006.06.25
Fox Libs Code (WIN_COM_API)2001.11.10
Fox Teach 2001 Chat (B2B)2001.03.14
Fox Team Chat Session 2003.09.12 (Wiki) . .
Frame Work (Wiki)2006.05.10
Frameworks Build Or Buy (WIN_COM_API)2006.02.17
Frx Leading (WIN_COM_API)2007.11.04
Frx Test Page (Wiki)2003.01.16
Frx Tips (WIN_COM_API)2009.07.01
FRXvs Crystal (WIN_COM_API)2001.07.23
Function Run (VB)2000.09.27
Function Sys 1104 (Wiki)2010.12.05
Function SYS 1270 (People)2001.03.26
Fuzzy Search (Wiki)2004.07.04
ga Error (VB)2001.07.11
GenDbc Lite (DotNet)1999.11.08
GenDb For SQL (SoftwareEng)2004.04.01
Get Dbcx Caps (WIN_COM_API)2000.01.26
Get Expr (WIN_COM_API)2000.10.04
Get User Using (Wiki)2003.06.26
GLGDBW 2001 (DotNet)2001.09.20
Global Objects (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.03
Grand Children (WIN_COM_API)2009.01.16
Grid To Frx (VFP)2012.03.11
GUID (Wiki)2006.06.22
Hackers Guide (People)2005.05.24
Hazy Data (WIN_COM_API)2004.07.15
Hext (Wiki)2000.08.29
How This Wiki Works (Wiki)2000.09.05
How To Write AGreat Magazine Article (Wiki)2001.09.09
IDE (Wiki)2000.09.02
IEAutomation Example (SQL)2010.02.23
Iis Setup (SoftwareEng)2000.10.24
Image Data (WIN_COM_API)2008.02.26
Improving Wiki (VFP)2008.05.28
Incremental Search Text Boxes (SQL)2001.06.01
Indeterminate Result (WIN_COM_API)2004.08.23
Indexed Views (VB)2004.07.07
Inno Setup Script MSDE (SoftwareEng)2005.12.13
Insta Link (DotNet)2000.09.18
Installing VFP 9 as Limited User (VFP)2005.10.20
InstallShield With VFP (People)2001.04.17
International Addresses (Wiki)2005.08.01
International Wiki (WIN_COM_API)2004.04.06
Introduction To COM (Wiki)2000.11.01
Intro To NTier Development (Wiki)2000.09.16
Intro To SQL For VFP (SoftwareEng)2002.10.03
Intro To Web Servers (Wiki)2001.08.08
Int Vs Chr Speed (VFP)2006.01.31
Irc Chats (Wiki)2013.03.28
i Silo (Wiki)2000.11.30
Is Windows Really Made For VFP - styled Data Manipulation ? (Wiki)2014.03.04
Just ATable (Wiki)2001.04.03
Kodak Wang Desktop Imaging (VFP)2011.11.14
Language Options (WIN_COM_API)2005.03.12
Laptop Survey (VB)2006.06.15
Loader Program (WIN_COM_API)2009.09.16
Log Bot (Wiki)2000.10.09
Logical Model (SQL)2001.06.15
Lookup Speed Test (WIN_COM_API)2003.06.30
Magic Number (Wiki)1999.10.09
Manual Font Loading (WIN_COM_API)2000.12.06
Merge Module (Wiki)2003.03.27
Meta Data (VB)2002.01.12
Misc Terms (Wiki)2001.07.24
Mk Key (WIN_COM_API)2006.02.20
Mk Scope (Wiki)2001.10.14
MSDE (WIN_COM_API)2007.02.17
MSDEand Replication (Wiki)2005.09.08
MSDEBench Marks (Wiki)2005.05.25
Msde Setup (People)2005.05.24
Msde Vfp 101 (WIN_COM_API)2003.03.29
Msde Vfp 102 (Wiki)2001.06.14
Msde Vfp 103 (Wiki)2001.07.07
Msde Vfp 104 (Wiki)2002.03.22
Msde Vfp 105 (WIN_COM_API)2001.07.07
MySQL Workbench (Wiki)2006.10.24
N - Tier Applications (WIN_COM_API)2004.04.21
Name Expression (Wiki)2000.11.30
Naming Conventions Fields (VFP)2007.06.06
Natural Key (Wiki)2008.02.27
Nd Pems (Wiki) . .
Nest Parser (WIN_COM_API)2006.09.23
Non Discriminating Index (VFP)2014.09.22
Not ATable (WIN_COM_API)2012.01.10
Object Orientation In Visual FoxPro (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.01
Object Oriented Programming (People)2010.11.26
Object Scope (B2B)2001.04.21
Odbc Phone (B2B)2016.08.20
Office Automation With VFP (Wiki)2000.08.17
One Form Vfp App (WIN_COM_API)2008.11.06
On Error (VB)2009.08.06
OOP (SoftwareEng)2000.09.02
OOp Terms (WIN_COM_API)2003.04.03
Operand Principle (Wiki)2013.11.26
Orlando Devcon 2001 Gems (WIN_COM_API)2001.06.01
Parent Child Terms (WIN_COM_API)2006.10.11
Parse Insert (WIN_COM_API)2002.08.01
Past Events (Wiki)2018.03.06
PCForm (People)2001.04.14
PCViews (WIN_COM_API)2001.04.12
PDFdrivers (Wiki)2014.07.11
People Soft (B2B)2001.04.09
Pointers On Pointers (Wiki)2002.05.03
Polymorphism (Wiki)2010.11.26
Practical Xml Part 1 (People)2005.03.30
Prg 2 Vcx (Wiki)2005.10.06
Prg To Exe (WIN_COM_API)2005.08.15
Prg Up Sizer (SoftwareEng)2004.01.19
Primary Key (VFP)2007.03.23
Print Window (WIN_COM_API)2011.03.27
Project Glossary (Wiki)1999.10.02
Purchase Options (SQL)2002.05.21
Putty (WIN_COM_API)2008.05.06
QBF (WIN_COM_API)2001.10.03
QueryUnload (SQL)2006.12.08
Quick Feedback (People)2002.01.26
Record Pointer (VFP)2003.04.24
Recycled Conference Sessions (Wiki)2001.05.18
Remote Connection Terms (WIN_COM_API)2004.12.30
Remote View Of SP (SQL)2006.01.25
Replace To Insert (WIN_COM_API)2004.09.28
Report Metadata (Wiki)2001.04.07
Report Writer Bugs (Wiki)2014.06.13
Representation Of Values (WIN_COM_API)2003.09.30
RLOCK (Wiki)2006.01.12
Ron Roberts (WIN_COM_API)1999.10.18
Rpt Engin (VFP)2004.02.10
Sample Error Handlers (DotNet)2003.03.29
Sample Grid Prg (Wiki)2006.11.10
Scan End Scan (Wiki)2006.06.06
Screen Recorders (VFP)2006.04.14
Session Class (VFP)2003.03.16
Set Relation (SQL)2007.05.19
Set Skip (Wiki)1999.11.19
Setting Up IISand PWS (Wiki)2000.11.13
Setup Wizard (SQL)2007.07.03
SFRedit FRX (B2B)2001.07.10
Should VFP Be In VSDotNet (WIN_COM_API)2007.04.29
Skype (B2B)2006.11.06
Small Demo Packages (VB)2002.02.07
Software Requirements (WIN_COM_API)2001.01.30
Specific Reasons To Denormalize (SoftwareEng)2007.01.22
Speed Tests (Wiki)2004.01.21
Spt Parameters (Wiki)2003.02.22
Sql Bench Marks (VFP)2003.07.02
Sql Parameters (SoftwareEng) . .
Sql Parser (WIN_COM_API)2006.05.04
Sql Vs Dbf (VFP)2008.04.22
Star Schema (SQL)2006.10.11
String Extract (Wiki)2007.09.05
Sub Version (Wiki)2008.07.28
Subversion Testing (SQL)2005.06.05
Supporting Certification (WIN_COM_API)2000.04.20
Terminal Server (WIN_COM_API)2005.01.28
Text 2 Cursor (Wiki)2002.02.23
The Challenge (VFP)2003.07.29
The Hyper Text Gold Mine (WIN_COM_API)2001.12.28
Timer Example (SQL)2006.06.19
Tiny URL (Wiki)2005.06.21
Tmp Files (VFP)2008.01.08
Transactions And Buffering (Wiki)2004.07.14
Trap Database Error (Wiki)2007.05.24
TRa Sh -80 (VB)2003.11.19
Tree View (Wiki)2011.03.25
UI (Wiki)2004.01.29
Undocumented Vfp Sys Functions (Wiki)2001.11.29
Unique Key Generation (Wiki)2006.01.26
Un Trappable Errors (WIN_COM_API)2007.04.24
Upsizing Wizard (Wiki)2001.06.08
User Data (SoftwareEng)2004.03.23
Using ADO (WIN_COM_API)2001.02.01
Using And Developing For MTS (VFP)2000.09.23
Using Web Connect (Wiki)2000.11.25
Using XSLT (B2B)2005.01.08
Vcx Cmt (VB)2004.05.27
VFEand SDT (SoftwareEng)2000.05.09
Vfe Auto Bar (DotNet)1999.07.30
Vfe Bo Mover (Wiki)2007.03.06
Vfe Bo Tree (VB) . .
Vfe CLibs (WIN_COM_API)2003.06.17
Vfe Con Attendees (VFP)1999.09.10
VFEc Set (VFP)1999.09.27
Vfei Tool Pics (VFP)1999.08.20
Vfe Loops (VFP)2001.11.13
Vfe Mak Lups (SQL)1999.08.03
Vfe Menu Mod (VFP)2000.06.29
Vfe PCHelper (DotNet)1999.08.12
Vfe Presentation (VB)2000.07.27
Vfe Pri Key (SQL)1999.10.15
Vfp Asp 1 (Wiki)2001.10.04
Vfp Chats (People)2005.10.29
VFP Class Designer (Wiki)2005.02.11
Vfp Cursor To Ms Sql (Wiki)2006.04.04
VFP Debugger Break Points (VFP)2001.10.05
VFP Debugger Problems (People)2013.12.02
VFP DevCon Connections 2001 Chat (VFP)2001.03.27
Vfp Diff (Wiki)2014.06.20
VFP Gotchas (Wiki)2007.03.23
VFP Gotchas Database (VFP)2008.02.07
VFP Gotchas IDE (Wiki)2005.08.08
VFP Gotchas Language (Wiki)2006.05.02
Vfp Rss Consumer (SoftwareEng)2006.01.22
VFPShrink Wrap (B2B)2008.03.18
Vfp Start (SoftwareEng)2006.01.26
VFP Table Concurrency (WIN_COM_API)2009.03.25
Vfp Tricks (VFP)2003.04.05
VFP Undocumented Bugs (VFP)2011.11.13
VFP Version Next Wish List Org (Wiki)2005.03.14
Vfp Views (WIN_COM_API)2005.03.11
Vfp Views 101 (Wiki)2004.06.09
Visual FoxExpress Consultants (DotNet)2005.12.27
Visual FoxExpress Faq (WIN_COM_API)2004.03.17
VNC (VFP)2015.03.07
Vue Snk (WIN_COM_API)2000.04.09
Web Connect Setup (Wiki)2000.10.25
Web Con VFP y Web Connect (Wiki)2004.08.31
Web Service Examples (Wiki)2012.02.20
Wednesday Night Lectures (VB)2001.12.13
What Does Dot NETMean To The VFP Developer (Wiki)2000.11.06
Whilfest 2001 Chat (SoftwareEng)2001.04.07
Why VFP Is The Tool Of Your Choice (Wiki)2005.11.30
Wiki Bug Reports (WIN_COM_API)2008.07.11
Wiki Fixed Bugs (DotNet)2004.03.16
Wiki Offline Mirror Sites (Wiki)2007.09.09
Wiki Protocol (WIN_COM_API)2005.08.19
With Endwith (Wiki)2005.12.30
With Leaks Locals (VFP)2010.11.29
x Codes (Wiki)2006.02.12
XPZip Support (VB)2006.09.06
_ Assert Timer (VB)1999.11.10
_ Exam 70-100 Study Group Log _2000/01/16 (VFP)2001.04.10
_ Exam 70-100 Study Group Log _2000/02/20 (Wiki)2000.02.20
_ Exam 70-100 Study Group Log _2000/02/27 (SoftwareEng)2000.02.28
_ Exam 70-155 Study Group Log _1999/10/03 (VFP)1999.11.14
_ Exam 70-155 Study Group Log _1999/10/08 (SoftwareEng)1999.11.14
_ Exam 70-155 Study Group Log _1999/10/31 (VFP)1999.11.13
_ Exam 70-155 Study Group Log _1999/11/07 (VB)1999.11.14
_ Exam 70-155 Study Group Log _1999/11/09 (Wiki)1999.11.15
_ Exam 70-155 Study Group Log _1999/11/14 (VFP)1999.11.14
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/11/21 (VB)1999.11.28
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/11/23 (VB)1999.11.28
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/11/26 (VFP)1999.11.28
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/11/28 (VFP)1999.12.03
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/11/30 (VB)1999.12.02
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/12/05 (Wiki)1999.12.05
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/12/10 (VFP)1999.12.12
_ Exam 70-156 Study Group Log _1999/12/12 (WIN_COM_API)1999.12.12
_ Fox Team Chat Session 2003.09.12_ Original (Wiki)2003.09.13
_ Msde Vfp 101 Chat (People)2001.06.01
_ Vfe And Sdt Prg (Wiki)2000.05.04
_ Visual FoxPro Heisen Bug Example (SoftwareEng)2000.01.26