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Namespace: SQL
A place to list topics we need to develop in the SQL Namespace for this wiki
  • Database Standards And Guidelines
  • ?SQLWizards SQL Server's administration is simplified by the many wizards that ship with the product.
  • SQLServerEnterpriseManager This Microsoft Management Console snap in as the gateway to working with SQL Server
  • SQLServerQueryAnalyzer This tool allows scripts to be run, assists with database administration and will show the execution plan for a query
  • SystemCatalogMetadata about the entire system and all other databases is stored in this collection of tables
  • Information Schemaprovides ANSI SQL standard metadata and access into a particular database
  • SQLNameSpace SQL Namespace (SQL-NS) is a set of COM interfaces that allow a Microsoft® Visual Basic® or C++ application to invoke wizards, property sheets, dialog boxes and other SQL Server Enterprise Manager components.
    Started, or done:

  • GenDb For SQL - VFP has GenDBC, Need something similar for Ms SQL.
  • Login Authentication SQL Server authentication or Windows NT authentication
  • Database Roles Users can be assigned to groups simplifying administration
  • SQL Server Agent SQL Server Agent assists with alert management, notifications, job execution and replication
  • SQL Server Profiler This tool logs real time server activity
  • SQL DMO Distributed Management Objects: a COM interface, in-line process server (sqldmo.dll)
  • Data Import Information on BULK INSERT and the BCP utility
  • Remote Servers (done)
  • Linked Servers
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