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Toronto Ontario FoxPro Users Group

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Meeting for March 8th, 2007 cancelled due to back injury. -- Mike Yearwood

The reincarnation of the __ Toronto FoxPro Users Group. The Toronto Ontario Foxpro User's Group is a place for FoxPro fans to get together to share tips, tricks, traps and to showcase their products. Hosted by and Mike Yearwood

Membership is limited to people that are planning to attend meetings regularly. If you're in Tibet or Australia, registering is probably a waste of your time and mine. -- Mike Yearwood

Please register at: (Just click register in the upper right corner.)

The fifth is scheduled for July 5th

The fourth meeting was May 31

The third meeting is scheduled for April 17th, 2006. That's the only available day in April.

The second meeting is scheduled for March 15th, 2006. The meeting rooms were unavailable for March 1st. -- Mike Yearwood

The first meeting was held on February 1st, 2006. There was a much better than expected turn-out. The second meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st, 2006.

Feb.01, 2006 meeting
Toronto VFP Users Group meeting on Feb.01, 2006

Mike, Thanks for setup this meeting, wow, looks like a large group, unfortunately I wasn't able to attend last night. Will the next meeting be on wednesday again or other weekday? Thanks. Ivan.
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