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Total VB Sourcebook is a source code library for Visual Basic, marketed by FMS, containing over 100 classes and modules are included. Quoting from their website at
  • 27 categories of code
  • 100+ classes and modules
  • 1,700+ procedures
  • 60,000+ lines of code
  • Fully commented, tested, and documented code to save you time and avoid headaches
  • Each class and module is completely self-contained. No need to retrieve dependent classes or modules
  • All code uses the same consistent style, naming conventions, error handling, and comment style
  • Total VB SourceBook and its code library are designed specifically for VB 5 and VB 6 using the latest development techniques
  • High quality code designed and written specifically for this product. This is solutions oriented, quality code, written by our staff of Microsoft MVPs and noted Visual Basic experts.
  • Royalty-free distribution rights!

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