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Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Transact - SQL (TSQL) is the standard language for communicating between applications and Microsoft SQL Server. The Transact - SQL language is an enhancement to Structured Query Language (SQL), the ANSI-standard relational database language, and it provides a comprehensive language for defining tables, for inserting, updating, or deleting information stored in tables, and for controlling access to data in those tables. Transact - SQL includes statements, commands, control-of-flow language, stored procedures, triggers, rules, and defaults. Extensions such as stored procedures make Transact - SQL a full programming language.

From MSDN SQL Server: Platform SDK Glossary
According to the docs, you can debug sprocs (Stored PROCEdureS) using the VB, VI, VC++ or VJ++ data view component. For full information, see SQL 7 SProc Debugging.

Documented in Books On Line.
Transact - SQL Variables
BTW, Sybase also uses the Transact - SQL language, since both Sybase and MS SQL were developed jointly for a while. - Steve Lackey
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