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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Major feature of this wiki: many of its topics are transcluded into Name Spaces. Many common topics appear in the VBWiki and the SQLWiki. The idea is that no matter where you are, the FoxproWiki, VBWiki, or SQLWiki, you see and edit topics and that are common.

How do I change the namespace of a wiki topic? For instance, I would like to change the VFP topic Performance to the Software Engineering Namespace.
You need special rights. Click this link: This will adorn your Wiki cookie with some rights, among which is the ability to change topic namespaces when viewing topics.-- Steven Black

I had trouble getting the NameSpace change and the Who Am I functionality working, until I deleted my fox.wikis cookies and started over. You can find them in your \Windows\Cookies folder and they'll look something like username@fox.wikis[1].txt There may be more than one, which I think was my problem. After deleting, you'll have to reconfigure Who Am I and go to again. -- Joel Leach
Perhaps things (methods/properties/commands) could be linked so as to provide language cross-references. This would allow people coming to VFP from VB, or tool x to tool y for that matter, to learn how to perform equivalent tasks in the other language. -- Ken Weber
Ken, I think this is a great idea. I'm going to ask Les Pinter for his VFP-VB concordance...-- Steven Black
Hey I'm about due for a stupid question =D) When looking at the different name spaces, what does the SE stand for? -- Rox Software Engineering. I've changed it.
Individual Preferences or not, what do you do about name collisions? If there is an RI topic in SQL and an RI Topic in Fox and my wiki subscribes to both, which topic do I see? -- ?jMM

In the case of name collisions you'll link directly to the one closest to the current wiki's namespace. -- Steven Black

In the current Recent changes there are two links to the Footer Links topic. One in the SQL namespace and one in the Fox namespace. Clicking on either takes me to the Footer Links topic in the Fox wiki (where I currently am). I would expect that clicking on the SQL Footer Links topic would take me to the Footer Links topic in the SQL wiki. To not see the SQL Footer Links topic listed simply because there happened to be a change to the Fox topic on the same day would be unexpected. -- ?jMM
Okay, John, try Footer Links and note the right hand side of the header area. :-)-- Steven Black
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OK, here's a problem with Transcluded Wiki:
When a topic in one Wiki references a topic in another wiki the link is not resolved when viewed from other wikies that can't see the other wiki. For example, if you navigate to the topic jMM from the fox wiki the link to the topic The ElephantOffsite link to is properly resolved. If you navigate to the same topic from the VB wiki the The ElephantOffsite link to link is not resolved. This because the VB wiki can't see the topics in the fox Wiki.

This has to be a bug. Either the links have to externalized ( ) for invisible links or all topics be made visible to other topics and hidden only from special pages like Recent Changes. ?jMM

There are still open issues with transclusion. What you describe, however, is not a bug. From any topic in the VB wiki click the namespace link and observe that the VB wiki does not subscribe to anything in the VFP namespace (name link resolution, alphabetical topic listings, or recent changes). This is merely the current default subscription for the VB wiki. Soon you'll be able to set your own preferences for all types of subscriptions in all wikis. For example, in the VFP wiki you could turn everything on and see all three wikis as a single unified wiki. You could also squelch VB if that doesn't interest you...-- Steven Black

It is a bug. I realize that this is by design. I'm just questioning the value of having links broken by changes in associations between wikies. A link is a link. It should always work regardless of whether the destination of the link is visible to the current namespace. -- ?jMM

Well, If I'm a VB or SQL person, and everything under the sun links to fox stuff, then I won't get any value from this site. And vice versa probably. When working in Fox, do you enjoy ActiveX help files that only refer to VB? Do you think anyone working in SQL server wants a namespace polluted with the fox notion of RI, stored procedures, performance, security, and how NULLs are interpreted? Same deal. Anyway as I said you'll soon be able to make it work to individual preference.-- Steven Black
I recognize that I'm new and only have a limited understanding of the overall scheme of Wiki, but I wanted to re-emphasize the potential value of cross-namespace links: I have often found VB help files for ActiveX very useful when writing in VFP, simply because there was no VFP-specific help files. I wanted to offer the suggestion of having the individual preference of identifying which namespace a link goes to, and the ability to choose to see Every topic link. -- ?wgcs
You can do this now! Click on the Name Space link near the title of any topic, and therein you can change your personal preferences for how the various wikis transclude together. -- Steven Black
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