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The following four issues all occured after loading a valid HTML document into the DHTML Edit Control and saving it as a new file. The edit control was included with IE5 and per MS tech Support is used in place of the IE parser when you need to edit an HTML file and want to transport it to any other enviroment -- in my case the IE5 XMLDOM.

1. All TEXTAREA tags have been stripped of their double quotes. The name attribute is now exposed and is invalid HTML syntax.

2. All table row tags < TR ALIGN="CENTER" > which specified center alignment text have been converted to < TR ALIGN="MIDDLE" > which is invalid syntax.

3. The closing paragraph tags which surround the horizontal rule tags have been stripped away. This is not a major problem because the < /P > is optional syntax but the editor, in my mind should not lose any code.
Example:< P >< HR >< /P >
This is however a problem in XML and XSL which both require formal HTML (all tags must be closed).

4. The HTML character which is the registration make symbol was converted to a single character of an ASCII value 174. This is not valid HTML and won't work anywhere but newer versions of IE for windows.

About IE5: It turns out that if you use the IE parser to modify an HTML document and then save it as an XSL type file and try to load it into IE the XMLDOM fires the DTD to re-validate the file and stops with several errors which it created while in IE. The IE errors include stripping all the quotes from all attribute values. -- Harvey Mushman
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