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Trouble Shooting Fox Trails

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Here are some common issues when setting up Fox Trails. For simplicity, I've assumed you are installing in c:\foxtrails, although you can put it anywhere you like.
1. Ensure that ASP.Net is working correctly.
Probably the biggest issue encountered by Foxpro developers is that .Net may be installed before Internet Information Server (IIS). To resolve this, you'll need to uninstall .Net 2.0, then install IIS and reinstall .Net 2.0. It is also possible to use the older ASP interpreter, although it is an untested configuration. Try creating as sample ASP.Net page and ensure that it works. Once that works, you'll find setting up Fox Trails is easy.
2. Did you remember to register your Fox Trails dll?
The dll that ships with the Fox Trails application is called demo.dll. Register it using regsvr32 c:\foxtrails\demo.dll or by rebuilding the project.
3. Check the foxtrails.err file. You may need to recompile your FXP files. COMPILE controllers\*.prg, then COMPILE utility\*.prg
3a. Make sure your c:\foxtrails\db directory exists. If you've extracted the tarball with Winzip it may not exist.
4. Ensure that you have created your dbf files. CD c:\foxtrails, then DO utility\migrate
5. To update records in your tables, you'll need write access to the db directory.
6. Another common issue is due to restrictions placed on the Asp.Net user account. Try changing the Application settings to Local Impersonation (This can be found under Internet Information Services Manager, Web Sites, Default Web Site, Properties, ASP.Net Tab)

If you are still having problems drop me an email. It's listed in the Fox Trails Tutorial.
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