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Turbo Pascal

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Turbo Pascal was an excellent Pascal IDE and compiler, made by Borland, that brought RAD development to the masses at very low prices in the mid-eighties.

You can see some interesting info on its technical workings at
It was turned into BorlandPascal in 1992 ( There still was a "Turbo Pascal" but BorlandPascal was the "professional" version that could do Windows programs about as easily as C++ before VisualC ).
Then it turned into BorlandDelphi in 1995 and was a viable "Visual" development tool. Currently (Dec 2000) it is at Delphi v5 and is a suitable alternative to VisualC for developing "small" (smaller than VFP) utility programs that are processor-intensive.
It's supposed to also do database development, but it's no better than Visual Basic at it because it has no built-in database engine and needs to have one of its own (BDE or a database engine component like Apollo you can purchase 3rd party) in order to even get to ODBC data sources. (Similar to how VB needs MDAC or DAO to be already installed if it is to get to data). Borland (I mean, Inprise, I mean, Borland again...) has tried hard to make it so that Pascal (ahem, I mean Delphi) can do anything that C can. In fact, many components are interchangeable between the BorlandDelphi and the BorlandC++Builder compilers.
Delphi Enterprise comes with ADO components which can also be purchased separately for the Professional version. The Enterprise version also has a number of SQL Links directly into most other databases. InterBase Objects, a suite of Delphi components, also allow direct access to InterBase. One of the main advantages of Delphi is the small footprint an application requires, no run-time library required, and out of the box comes with a large number of components. Delphi 6 will also be available for Linux which should push it ahead of most other RAD development languages

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