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Turn Key Commerce Package

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A Turn Key Commerce Package is a commercially available eCommerce solution where all the necessary software modules for setting up an online store are in one package.

A good package should include Store Front Software module, a Shopping Carts module, a Payment Processors module, and some sort of CustomerServiceModule (which may or may not be built into the store front module).

These turn key solutions may be hosted by a specialized service provider, or offered for a specific web server platform that you install and setup yourself.

A full service package that you load on your own web server (either via a WebHosting ISP account or on an In House Web Server) currently costs between $2000-$4000 US dollars to own full rights to the package. Hosted solutions usually have equally high monthly fees. Some ISP's will also rent licensing on a monthly basis to certain commercial packages that they agree to support and act as a reseller for.

Lastest craze is all these "free online store" deals where you get a very limited turn key store front that's loaded with tons of advertising, some of which is ads for other bigger and better e-stores that make the cheesy little free deal look mighty weak.
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Note - the term "Turn Key Commerce Package" is a descriptive I'm using up here just to make sense of the all different types of eCommerce software solutions currently available. Other resources generically refer to anything having to do with an online store as "Store Software", "Store Front Software", and "eCommerce Software". It's all very confusing until you talk to several of these vendors and find out that they sell either all the modules you need or only some modules... it's actually seems easiest to classify this stuff as either "turn key" or "not turn key". I've done a ton of research and analysis for a client who wanted to take his wholesale shoe business to the web, and I was shocked to find out how many of the web store packages sounded like a complete deal when looking at the ads, but after digging under the snake oil pitch most of the time they ended up requiring you to plug-in this, that, and/or the other module to get your store up and running. In the end we opted to go with an Auction Packages solution because it was a much simplier mix of components and services, and an easier business model for someone in the wholesale business to adapt his current operations to coincide with anyway. -- Rox
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