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Turn Your PCInto AMac

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Check this out. By all means click the link before you read all the rest of the discussion below.

Warning: This URL will cause you to skip a beat. Enjoy. -- Steven Black

Wow!!, that is sure inventive! -- Fred Stewart

Nicely done! -- Alex Feldstein

So Cool - ChrisJohnson
Scary! I ran the page from OS X, and felt like I fell into a Time Warp! It's like going back to Windows 95! ;-) -- Ed Leafe
Scary is right! I have no idea what that just did, but it feels a little like having opened a random executable email attachment. Is it possible that I just unwittingly installed a Trojan horse by browsing to this link? What reason do you have for thinking this is safe? - ?mda

It's just HTML code that changes the browser window to look like the Mac desktop. You can look through the source and see that it's totally safe regardless of the impressions it gives you while it's running. -- ?df

The scary part is the initial script that appears to run in a DOS window while this demo is starting up. I couldn't possibly tell what all of those commands are doing, but I'll take your word for it that it's all harmless. I've never seen a situation where browsing to an HTML page launches a DOS script, no less without receiving a warning or any opportunity to stop it. That sure seems like a major security hole. I tried to download the page at the above URL and look at it via notepad, but this only picked up a tiny fragment of HTML, which gives no clue as to what's in that sequence of DOS mode commands that are executed when the demo starts up.

Thanks for your reassurances about the safety of this demo, but I don't think I want to try that experiment again. I wasn't able to figure out how to get out of it, since I don't speak German, so I had to kill it via Ctrl+Alt+Del. - ?mda

It is a rather elaoborate and well done joke, nothing more. The first page is simply scolling the "file delete" text in the browser window. On each of these pages you can rightclick them and View Source to see the underlying code. The fact that your browser is still working, and that you can Alt - Tab back to your other programs ought to be assurance enough that Windows is still in control. The final page does have an operational menu that lets you File/Quit from the Mac OS. -- ?df

Sheesh, what a hack! No I didn't think my PC turned into a Mac, but I thought I might have been running with Microsoft's default browser setting, allow_malicious_scripts = Yes. Thank you very much for clearing that up! - mda
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