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Turnaround Strategy

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Here's a generic turnaround strategy process

The four steps to any turnaround process
  1. Analyze the current position. -- Where are we now?
  2. Define a target position. -- Where can we get from here?
  3. Evaluate the strategic options.
    • Reshape the project to target position, or
    • Define exit strategy.
  4. Generate Plans, and endorse them.
    • Implement the plan, or
    • Define exit strategy.

You are looking to generate one of three outcomes:
  1. Project reshaped, redefined, or
  2. Project delivery sufficiently improved over what would have otherwise been the case, or
  3. Parties decide to pull the plug to save further money from being wasted.

Source: John Smith, Troubled IT Projects -- Prevention & Turnaround, ISBN 0852961049.
See also IT Turnarounds at,10801,85355,00.html
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