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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
- Well forget the effort people, the management has, at least temporarily, disallowed the ability of using the UTFree tool. I won't be able to dig to see if there is a workaround or not until later tonight. If anyone else has other ideas for a fix please add them here.
David, what are some of the features of ?UTFree?-- Steven Black
Steve see notes below in Feature discussion -- df
UTFree is a programmers tool that is designed to make the Universal Thread a more functional place. It is available from my website under the Utilities menu item.
Feature discussion here:
  1. The ability to download an entire thread, and open the thread either in the lower left frame or have it take over the whole page. When done with the thread you use the Back button to get back to the frames view if you are in whole page mode
  2. The ability to move the lower right frame content to the upper right frame. This allows you to move things like the calendar date output up to where it's always belonged. You can also move other things like search results, message history of an individual, etc. up top. This saves a ton of Back presses
  3. The thread downloaded messages are locally cached in a cursor to reduce the number of slow server round-trips.

Bug reports here:
One thing I've had a very hard time dealing with are timing related issues in the IE DOM. There's some really crappy code in the form to deal with IE not reliably reporting it's Busy state or the Document.ReadyState. If anyone has ideas on better ways of doing it I'd be most appreciative. -- df
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