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Understanding Recursion

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
A Real Answer

Note that any recursive algorithm can be solved by a loop, usually faster. However loops have a cool factor of zero, as Zits says.

Understanding Recursion

An even better example for users of remote desktop software. Connect to the remote desktop. Using the window to the remote desktop, connect back to the machine you're sitting at. Watch in the window to see what happens. -- Cindy Winegarden

Oh sure, just saturate the internet with this experiment. {g} Actually, I tried this a few weeks ago when I was bored and it was kinda scary. I was afraid I'd opened up a space/time continuum or something. -- Randy Jean

If it is the intention that we all start thinking that recursion can also occur without a program etc. calling itself (ref. A Real Answer above), we get confused. I think we all (!) know of recursion as of "calling itself". BTW click on Understanding Recursion now, and you have one. Though you don't see it immedeately, you are one level deeper at the stack. Beware, virtually, because the browser hasn't one and it's only pages being in memory. However, click Back, and you go back to the same. Click back again, and you are somewhere else (higher on this virtual stack). See also Stack Stuff -- Peter Stordiau
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