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Unified Modeling Language

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The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a general-purpose Visual Modeling language that is used to specify, construct, and document the artifacts of a software system.

The Unified Modeling Language was developed out of a number of different modeling notations and paradigms. Most important, the Booch notation, the OMT and the Objectory process. Initially, the Unified Modeling Language was created by Grady Booch and James Rumbaugh. Later on, Ivar Jacobson joined the team. Further on, they were known as the Three Amigos.

The Three Amigos are employed by Rational Software, which was the driving force behind the development of the UML. In later releases of the UML, a number of other people helped out developing this notation as well.

MSFT Visual Studio Enterprise Edition incorporates a subset of Rational Software's Rational Rose called Visual Modeler.
UML tutorial for .NET developers
See the improved UML Dictionary by KendallScott at This one has over 600 entries tied to the amigos' UML books (the User Guide, >the Reference Manual, and the Process Guide), and also Kruchten's RUP book and Warmer and Kleppe's OCL book. There are thousands of hyperlinks that hook everything together.-- Steven Black
UML Resource Center there are online and downloadable versions of the UML specification here.
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