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Upstate New York FoxPro Users Group

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Upstate NY VFP User's Group

The last meeting (and a good one) was: July 18th 2001 7pm.

Speaker: Roxanne Seibert
Topic: Presentation Layer Finesse: a crash course for software developers on good web design and best practices for building browser-based user interfaces.

President: Mike Kessler
Members: Add your name to this list if you are interested in attending meetings or otherwise being kept informed.

Mike Kessler (President), Marcia Akins, Jeff Berezin, Joanne Berezin, Steven Black, Jim BoothOffsite link to
, Stephen Finegold, Andy Kramek, Ed Leafe, Roxanne Seibert, Jim Livermore, Ken Dibble, DavidGamble, Erik Folley, Ken Stvan, Bill Breck, Wayne Gray

Getting There: (for meetings held at We're in East Syracuse. Take the Bridge St exit Southbound off 690.
From I-81, take the 690 E, get off at Bridge and go South
From I-90, take 481 South, then 690 West, off (almost immediately) at Bridge Street.

From Bridge street, turn East onto Widewaters Parkway (at the big Home Depot) and hang a left at the 4-way stop sign at the corner of Widewaters and Towpath. Commons Park is the second small enclave of lowrise grey buildings off Towpath. We're in the first building on the left.

Any problems with directions you may call us at 449-4830 (mdk)

Past Meetings
Inaugural meeting: Wed 11 April 2001. Attendence: 14. Presentations by Jim BoothOffsite link to
(VFP7 Intellisense, and Data Buffering), and Steven Black (a class named Lister)

May 2001
Speakers: Andy Kramek & Marcia Akins
Topic: Where does the code go? The do's and don't of good class design.
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