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Use Case Checklist

Namespace: VFP
A handy checklist for auditing and evaluating your Use Cases and Use Case Model.
  • Is the use case a stand-alone, discrete task?
  • Is the use case written at an abstract level, rather than as a specific scenario?
  • Is it clear who performs each use case? Does your Use Case Model have a catalog of which use cases are performed by which people?
  • Is the purpose each use case clear? Does your Use Case Model have a table listing the use cases and their purposes?
  • Has part of the flow of events in a use case already been modeled as a separate use case? If so, just have the use case use the other.
  • Is an actor associated with each use case? If not, kill the use case.
  • Do the use cases detail Non Functional Requirements?
  • Are any use cases overly complex? For clarity, split up complex use cases.
  • Do the use cases have compelling and descriptive names? A unique use case ID?
  • Is it clear how use case starts and ends?
  • Do people understand the names and descriptions of the use cases?
  • Is behavior outlined for when important use case conditions are not met?
  • Does the brief description give a true picture of the use case?
  • Does the communication between actors and the use case match user's expectations?
  • Are two use cases always in the same sequence? If so, these should be merged into one use case.
  • Are all anticipated alternate courses of action documented?
  • Are all known exception conditions documented?
  • Is each course defined in the use case verifiable?
    See Use Cases
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