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Using AVariable To Name Columns In Alter Table Command

Namespace: VFP
Does anyone know how to use a variable to name columns in a table using the alter table? VFP7 doesn't seem to be recognizing the variable as a variable and the 2nd time thru attempts to name the next column the same as the first. I tried using an array to do this too with no success.

CREATE TABLE tablename ;
(field_1 c(60))
FOR x = 2 TO (num_fields)
colhead = "field_" + ALLTRIM(STR(x))
ALTER TABLE tablename add COLUMN (m.colhead) c(60)

Use name expression as shown. Also Wikis is more for discussions and not questions.
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I meant, not for simple questions which can be answered right away. It is more of a discussion board.

Ben Creighton
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