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Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Use this page to describe various pieces of the framework.

Overview of Main.prg
Simply provides the main entrance point to the app. Has a single line of executed code which calls SetUp. The location of SetUp is determined by the COMMONPATH constant. COMMONPATH is defined in appincl.h.

This include file defines many of the constants used by your program. The settings here are critical to proper operation. Most of the constants here are defined "dynamically" when the calling program or method is "compiled" by the getstring() function. The getstring() function simply looks up settings in the appincl.dbf file, making it easy for developers to change many system settings.

A couple of critical pieces of information are also defined explicitly in appincl.h. One of these is the critical MMEXEC_NAME constant, which identifies the name of the executable to be run. This constant is needed when launching the application from a stub program.

Another critical constant is the COMMONPATH constant. This identifies the location of the Mere Mortals framework classes. It is one place which can create a "gotcha" when moving application files. If this constant is not redefined, your application will not run.
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