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Using VFP 7 To Create Proprietary Browser ( Intranet )

Namespace: VFP
I am creating a custom browser to contain an intranet web application. I am using VFP 7. So far I have a menu, toolbar, and a form that hosts a webBrowser control. The default.asp page remains loaded throughout the application's instantiation. The default page contains two frames. A hidden frame hosts an HTC intended to be an intermediary between the VFP shell and the current page. The other visible frame hosts the current page.

The form that contains the browser also contains a VFP class wrapper around the menu that needs to be able to access the methods and properties of the HTC in the top frame of the default page. In turn, the HTC needs to be able to invoke the VFP menu wrapper methods and manipulate its properties.

I have not been able to figure out how to communicate across this VFP/Browser boundary. Any ideas?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why? The only reason I would create an HTML based app is to avoid deploying a client, thats what the browser is for. Why don't you just run the app through a browser? Another option would be to use a VFP front end, and access methods and stuff with Web Services instead of Web Pages. -- Mike Helland

I once worked for a telemarketing company that was going to provide technical support for a financial web site. The support personnel would need to access the web site. The easiest way to keep them from browsing to other sites was a custom browser app. -- Craig Berntson

Actually, we're using both reasons. We're taking advantage of "flow" in HTML pages for resizing. Three of the five developers know VFP. The other two are HTML/VB developers (team leader is one of these). We want a custom browser because we don't want the user leaving the app without closing it down. As it turned out, I did figure out how to communicate, and then the team leader decided that we will use an active X control created in VB to provide the menu. Oh well... - Wayne

I see. Personally, I would scrap your VFP UI (but hopefully leave all your data and business logic ina VFP COM sevrer) and select a tool that better suits your needs. -- Mike Helland
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