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Using VFP 9 Help

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I have the dumbest of questions. I'm a newbie and I want to read through the help file. I installed VFP9, SP2 and the SP2 compiled help file. (dv_foxhelp.chm) Regardless of whether I use the HELP command, or Help from the Help menu or dbl-click the CHM file, I get stacks of browser prompts for files to open/save/find/etc. (like NAVCANCL or a bunch of htm files with GUID-like names) and it appears to be downloading across the net when I open. With the stacks, it's unclear if there's a proper order for opening them, especially when their ONTOP order is LIFOntop. Then when the files open, the links inside don't work. If I save the files, like NAVCANCL, it still asks/downloads every time.

1) Am I doing something wrong?
2) Isn't all help located on my local drive?
3) Do I need to decompile the CHM to get this to work easily?
4) Why don't the HTML links work?

This can't be the way this is supposed to work.

Nothing wrong with you, it's just screwed up sp2 help file.
Take a look:

You may use VFP9 SP1 help file instead.
( Topic last updated: 2008.08.04 09:42:51 AM )