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VBDotNet Wish List

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
VB.NET WISHLIST (yeah, already >g<)

  • Deterministic Finalization (reliable replacement for Terminate). See VBDotNet Garbage Collection.
  • Operator overloading
  • Unsigned data types
  • Pointers
  • Unsafe code
  • Backward compatibility with VBScript and the ASP model
  • ReadOnly and WriteOnly properties are superfluous and unnecessary. Instead of:
    	Public ReadOnly Property StatusCode() As Integer
            		StatusCode = m_intStatus
        		End Get
    	End Property
    	Friend WriteOnly Property SetStatus(ByVal intStatus As Integer)
            		m_intStatus = intStatus
        		End Set
    	End Property

    The following construct solves this problem handily:
    	Property StatusCode
            	Public Get
            		StatusCode = m_StatusCode
            	End Get
            	Friend Set
            		m_StatusCode = Value
            	End Set
    	End Property


  • What I really don't like about VB.Net is that now Microsoft seems to have adopted the once-common attitude that VB is not a "real" programming language and it doesn't deserve full consideration as such. It is clear in all the ".Net" fora that when any conflict arises, the VS.Net team will almost always make the choice that benefits C#, no matter what the tradeoff may be. I've spent eight years defending VB from such people on behalf of Microsoft, and it really hurts to now have to defend it from Microsoft.
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