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VFE 5 to 6 Migration

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A topic to document issues with re-engineering a VFE5 application to VFE6.
I was wondering if anyone else has had much luck with using the migration wizard. We're getting ready to start migrating a fairly large app and were thinking about just using this tool to get our DBCX converted and do all the other components by hand, making improvements and taking advantage of VFE6 along the way. Would be interested in hearing about any successful migration attemps, with or without the Migration Wizard. -- Randy Jean
I just started playing with the VFE6 Migration Wizard. Here is the
first problem I have encountered (which is pretty much a show stopper)

To see a 300k+ sized screen shot, click here

I am using SDT tools in VFE5. I stepped in and saw the alias was SDTVFE6 in the target metadata folder at the point this error occured. -- Randy Jean

Randy McAtee wrote this for the latest version of SDT for VFP 5.0 that was compatable with VFE5. That would be an older version of SDT that used DBCX 1.0. A couple of people have called technical support on this one. What they ended up doing was actually removing SDT from the 5.0 application and deleting the files, then after the app has been migrated replugging SDT into the 6.0 version. Generally speaking VFE users just have all default property values in SDT because they're only using it for the REINDEX and PACK routines, so you don't really lose anything. -- Mike Feltman
Thanks Mike. That was going to be the next thing I tried. -- Randy Jean
Try using the version of SDTVFE6 class library that was installed under the WIZARDS\LIBS directory in SDTVFE6.ZIP with Visual FoxExpress SP1 and let me know if this fixes the problem. It includes an overwritten Checkdbcxmeta method that was not present in Doug's January update of the white paper for integrating VFE and SDT. -- Randy McAtee
Thanks Randy. This got me a lot further! It did blow up with a datatype mismatch in line #41 of a warning method in one of the dbcxmgr classes. I just ignored it figuring it was just a warning. I'll give you more info on it if it happens again. It got all the way to creating the cursors, bizobjs, etc. and then I got the dreaded c5, which I expected since I am on NT. I'm going to take the project home tonight and try it on Win95 -- Randy Jean
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