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VFE 6 Date Text Box

Namespace: VFP

I have taken the date textbox control written by Marcia G. Akins and, with her permission, adapted it for use with VFE6. You can obtain the zip file containing the Class Libraries here or the self-extracting exe file here.

Both files contain the the same files which should be placed in the iLibs folder. One class library contains the ActiveX control wrapper and the other the date textbox and associated components.

Either drop the itxtDate control onto your Presentation Object, or prefereably, set the User Interface Class in the Data Dictionary to iTxtDate for those date controls you wish to use the new date entry control.

Marcia's conditions for use are that you give credit where credit is due! I have added an About method to each control with these details, please leave these intact. Mark Austen
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