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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
VFEGenView - a program written by Dan Goodwin for use with F1 Technologies' Visual FoxExpress.

This utility works in conjunction with Visual FoxExpress. In VFE's DBCX Explorer, select the node for a particular view, run this program and a window will open the code for the view (thanks to Erik Moore 's GenView). In addition to generating the view code with GenView, code is added to open up needed DBCs prior to creating the view and the SQL code is formatted nicely, instead of giving you one long line. Simply edit the code, close the window and you will be prompted to save the program and create the view. This program can be added to your Tools menu bar for easy access.

Recent versions will also make a backup copy of VFE metadata. A "must have" utility for working with VFE.

You can download it from
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