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We've had a few reports of complex forms that contain many child objects crashing when the form is instantiated. It turns out that the problem is caused by differences in how Visual FoxPro handles form classes vs. actual forms. For a discussion of this issue, see VCXvs SCX.

Until we find a better solution to this problem, the best option is to use a form rather than a form class. To create a form from the form class go to the Command Window, change directory to your application home directory and enter:

CREATE FORM (formname) AS (form class name) FROM (form class library). To call the form, simply use the DO FORM command. In other words if your form class was named customerform and it's in the aforms class library you could use:

CREATE FORM frmcustomer AS customerform FROM LIBS\AFORMS.

Mike Feltman
Category Visual FoxExpress
( Topic last updated: 1999.08.12 02:33:48 PM )