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Some tips from the VFE Online Conference.
Note that all the links below are behind a login screen.

iLayer code to change color of grid columns depending on if they are enabled or disabled.

Pros and Cons of Crystal VFE

Running multiple VFE versions on the same computer

Dan Neuman's right-click code for bringing up audit history for a field.

Suggested code for error event of icontrol classes to quickly identify errors

Good Explanation of Scanprocess usage

Cursor Adapter tip

Using LoadCursor to utilize Stored Procedure generated cursors

Parent - Child - Grandchild technique

How to customize trigger failure error messages

How to allow user selection of report order when underlying data is based on a view.

Now includes XFRX preview feature
Integrating XFRX into Visual FoxExpress.

Pick a remote database at startup Also see Toni"s recent KB article on this.

VFE Startup Parameters - See this thread.

Moving classes between classlibs without hosing the class references. See this thread.

Turning off the timer when debugging builders - see this.

New Cool Utility! - better Debugmode()

New VFEGenView Final

Lookups with No User Interface

Troubleshooting invalid data type for CAST error

Validation vs Biz Rule

Managing datasessions when calling application object methods

Awesome Topic! We need to include anouncements of nifty utilities as they are posted.
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