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VFEc Present Obj Form

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

cPresentObjForm is the primary form class used when creating forms with Visual FoxExpress.

Subclasses of cPresentObjForm can take many forms in terms of interface and can deal with a single cursor, related cursors or unrelated cursors. cPresentObjForm based classes can be used as either parent or child forms.

The cPresentObjForm class contains two member objects, one is a session environment loader, which isn't visible at runtime and the other is a resizer control (which is automatically removed on forms that aren't resizable.)

Using either the VFE wizards or working interactively in VFP, cPresentObjForm subclasses can handle many different types of interfaces without coding. This includes a plain data entry form, a list and data entry form or a form with areas for a list, selection criteria and data entry. Each of the aforementioned components can exist in a pageframe or outside of a pageframe and cPresentObjForm can also handle displaying interfaces for multiple tables.
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