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VFP / Sql Server 2000 Application Crashes At 10 User Connections

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
How many connections is specified in the SQL Server license purchased by your customer?
and what particular "crash" do they experience- Connectivity error? C0000005 error? VFP error? ODBC error?

Our VFP application connects to Sql Server 2000 via ODBC. We're using the Cursor Adapter class for our SELECT statements and to execute certain stored procedures. In the case of Inserts and Updates to Sql Server tables, we construct our Sql statements within VFP and send them up to the Sql Server via SPT (i.e. the older SQLEXEC() function).

All has been fine with testing until our client ran a load test recently. They found that the app constantly crashed once their were approximately ten users running the application. Our users are running VFP 8.0 Runtime.

If Sql Server supports up to 32,767 connections, then is there an issue with VFP 8.0 Runtime with a Sql Server backend ? Is the Cursor Adapter class at fault here ?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,
( Topic last updated: 2005.04.06 05:10:28 PM )