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VFP 3 rd Party Graphics

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

I want to create basic pie & bar charts in my VFP 8.0 application. What 3rd party products (Active X) are reccommended?

Try FRX2Any -
FRX2Any start from v. 10.00.00 has its own Chart Engine, which allows you to create different types of charts and save each chart as an image file. You can also print charts using the VFP report writer and FRX2Any Chart Engine.

Flipper from works with VFP.

Simple Chart ( It's not strictly a third-party product, but rather a wrapper for the Microsoft MSChart ActiveX control. It lets you create a basic chart with just a couple of lines of code.

Take a look at Graphics Server. Also give some thought to Office Web Controls Chart object inside an HTML page rendered in the Web Browser control hosted on a VFP form. That's what I do and it works great (not to mention free).

If your needs are to simply place your charts in a Form then, then the Mind's Eye Report Engine would be overkill as it has a built in Chart Engine in the ActiveX Control of MERE where you can call a Method named AddChart() and then add data points and multiple series etc. using more charting methods of the MERE ActiveX control. You can also adjust the 3-D effect and depth of the 3-D etc. for the charts. However, if you need the charts to also be saved inside of PDF documents or placed into VFP reports then you can download a fully functional Trial Demo of MERE at: I have even written code to generate charts using the MERE engine using the primitive AddShape() and AddText() Methods to do even more complex charts than the standard charting engine.
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