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VFP 7 and ASPdot NET

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I would like to know what Visual FoxPro 7.0 developers think of ASP .NET in Visual Studio .NET. Have any VFP developers starting using ASP .NET either with or without VFP, and if so, describe the details. Thanks.

Ken Levy
Visual FoxPro Product Manager

To assist in my learning of ASP .NET, I created an ASP .NET web page that accesses the Fox using XML web services. The news items data is extracted and populated into an ADO .NET dataset which is then bounded to a DataGrid to display as a web page. This allows me to view the news items similar to how it is displayed via the web page.

I am also in the process of developing a thin client document management system for a large manufacturing client using ASP .NET as the front-end. The project is an add-on module to an existing Visual Basic insurance policy system. The ASP .NET web pages access Visual FoxPro business objects via COM. The data storage is using SQL Server 2000 and the printing of the documents uses Crystal Reports. The purpose of the project is to provide a robust insurance policy printing and management of all documents rendered.

Cathi Gero
Development Director
Prenia Corporation

Go AmericaOffsite link to is using ASP.NET in a portion of our Operational Support System (OSS). Basically, this is the system that goes from Order Management through Provisioning wireless services, subscriber letters, billing and accounting.

This system incorporates approximately 12 applications all intercommunicating via XML using a message-based infrastructure (MSMQ). The languages used in these applications include VB, C++, Java, VFP, and C#.

We are currently using ASP.NET in the reporting section of OSS, aggregating the data from all systems to provide management reports using Crystal and delivering the reports through combinations of thin (ASP.NET) and thick clients.

Yair Alan Griver
Go AmericaOffsite link to Communications Corporation
YAG, have you found that using ASP .NET is faster than ASP, what advantages are you seeing? - Ken Levy

We've found that both development and execution speed is faster. We quickly put together the basic framework for the report handling and data drive all report creation so that the code rarely changes now as we add more complex reports and capabilities.

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