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VFP 7 and Terminal Server

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Got windows 2000 Advanced Server with Terminal Services Installed on our
server., Installed Client services on an XP desktop.

Every thing works like a charm

BUT the Forms colors are really bizarre. We did not fool around with the
BITMAP = OFF/ON , did not even include it in the Config

The Menu, desktop etc colors are all OK, its only the forms. In the
properties of the connection, Only thing checked is (Connection Options
Pane) 1024 x 768. In the Shortcut for the app on the desktop, in properties
(Compatibility Pane) Checked only the "Run this program in compatibility
mode for: " = windows 2000, (there is no XP option in the dropdown)

Anybody know why the forms are not displaying in their true colors (RGB
(210,210,210), Light Grey)



Not all colours are available at the client. Using just the basic 16 windows colours works best. Other colours need careful testing in all environments, as we found differences between NT and Win2000 - even using the same NCD terminals.

-- Paul Maskens


I believe that under Windows 2000 Server, Terminal Services is limited to a maximum of 256 colors. If you are using an XP client, it looks like you can specify higher, but you can't. True Color support, higher resolutions, and support for client-side sound is only available in Windows Server 2003 (.Net).

Paul James
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