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VFP 8 Case Studies

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Visual FoxPro 8 Case Studies

How it Started

This page was created (in dec 18, 2003) based on the idea by William Sanders posted in the Universal Thread (Thread #860191) where he wrote:


Got a cool app written in Visual FoxPro ?
Want to make a case study but have NO TIME to get it out the door ?

For the next two weeks - I am volunteering my time to WRITE your case study for you based on basic 'question and answer interview' techniques, done either over the phone or via email.

My goal here is to get MORE case studies submitted to MS for Visual FoxPro centric Case Studies.

You'll have final content editing control, of course, and my name won't be on it anywhere (unless you want).

Leave me a private email here on Universal Thread with your contact info and I'll get back with you same day.

Mondo Regards [Bill]

Purpose of This Page

Presenting outstanding case studies we will be leveraging VFP as a product and its developer community as professionals, by showing how the strenghts of VFP can be used to develop great solutions. The examples herein can represent bigsized solutions, innovative in the technology used, creative in implementation, usefull by the subject in focus, etc.

Ken Levy demonstrated interest in learning about great VFP 8 case studies (see message #860247 in the Universal thread where he wrote as a response to William Sanders:
"This is great Bill. I suggest you contact me about the details before spending too much time doing any write ups. It must be on Visual FoxPro 8.0 (not previous versions). It would be great to collect a few summaries so we can select the best of the best to use."

Also Ken Levy (Universal Thread message #860119) mentioned some kind of apps that could be suggested: So, fellows, feel free to join and bring your knowledge to this page. How about your case study being selected and published in the Microsoft web site?

Let's support the great idea by Bill and join it! -- Fernando Alvares
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Please note - the Templates to review for VFP Case Studies reside here:
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