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Following is a message Ken Levy (VFP Product manager) posted on Universal thread 09/07/2001 19:37:51

I am proud to announce that the FoxPro community has selected the name Toledo to be the code name of 'your' next version of Visual FoxPro. Visual FoxPro 7.0 is now available and encourage everyone to upgrade to VFP7 now. VFP7 has a great set of new features and is the most stable version of Visual FoxPro ever released. VFP: The Best Is Yet To Come

Voting Runoff -- Here are the top 3 vote getters. Please place your name in the list next to the CodeName you want for VFP8. No additions at this time. Please put comments elsewhere. No other choices came close to these 3.
Raptor - Tommy Tillman, Neil Tonkin, Will Jones, Malcolm Greene, Dean Selvey,Tim Wilson, Roger Heim, Cetin Basoz, Renoir Vandalet, James Roark, Tim Hayes, Bob Lee, Mark McCasland, Bob Archer, RandyJonas

Thunder - Nadya Nosonovsky, Sylvain Demers, Evan Delay, Jess Banaga, Jim Nelson, Paul Borowicz, Nick Neklioudov, Martin Salias, Robert Etheredge, Robert Pierce, Paul Grover

Toledo - KurtHuebner, JVP, Pablo Roca, CarlosGA, RaulVidiella, JuanPabloMartínPeinado, Glenn Domeracki, EmilianoDiaz, JuanCarlosFlores, Patrick Stovall, Luis Martinez, RebecaRuíz, SergioAguirre, JorgeCastro, GustavoSchweitzer, Bill Armbrecht, Doug Dodge, Antonio Castaño, Sergey Berezniker, Steve Gibson, Mike Helland, JeffButler, Charles Richard, David LCrooks, Joel Leach, Dragan Nedeljkovich, Al Doman, SorinStegaru, Cindy Winegarden, Mike Feltman, David Stevenson, Joan Mir, Isaac Venegas, Alex Feldstein
Toledo - yeah baby!
End of Runoff Voting Section
Just to make easier the counting, please add your name and votes at the VERY BOTTOM of this page. If you have any comments, please place them above the voting section. Thanks.

Para hacer mas facil el conteo, por favor ponga su nombre y votos en la parte de MERO ABAJO de esta pagina. Gracias

I have placed a complete summary of everyone's votes if they indicated just 1 codename at the bottom. Please do not place comments after the voting section. Add comments above this section.
Following is a message Ken Levy (VFP Product manager) posted on Universal thread
Feel free to post new suggestions or vote for existing suggestions if you know a name is not permitted please mark it as such.
Fox Community,

Each version of Visual FoxPro (like most Microsoft products) selects a codename that is used both internally at Microsoft and during the beta process before the product is officially announced and given a formal name. While the Fox team at Microsoft is actually working on the next version of VFP, we have yet to select a code name. Last time for VFP 7.0 we did a vote internally and the name which I had suggested "Sedona" was voted by the Fox team members. This time, I would like the Fox community to select the code name, or at least suggest some recommendations that we can pick from. I will list some previous code names below for reference along with a few suggested guidelines. I hope this thread is actively participated on and that members of the Universal Thread work together to come up with a codename that people agree on (not a huge list of random names). Try to actually use this thread to not only suggest codenames but to vote on them and work as a community to suggest the right one to the Fox team. I'll be monitoring the thread and chiming in as needed.

FP 2.6: Renard
VFP 3.0: Taz
VFP 5.0: Roadrunner
VFP 6.0: Tahoe
VFP 7.0: Sedona

WindowsXP: Whistler

As you can see, the early theme was Warner Brother cartoons, but now that AOL owns WB, I suggest we avoid those names. The theme lately is either a city or some widely recognized landmark (a mountain or something). I will post a reply if anyone suggest a name that is already being use or has been used by other Microsoft product codenames. Another suggestion is to select a codename with one or two syllables, but not one with three or more because it is too much to say when it is spoken so frequently.
The code names of Viper, Zorro, and Phoenix are invalid and cannot be accepted. I suggest at this point working hard to narrow down other names and pick one and not worry about new suggestions.

Ken Levy
Visual FoxPro Product Manager
Suggestions so far:
Black Bird
Carpe Diem - Used as an admonition to seize the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future.
Coyote - fox-like
Eagle - fly like an...
Fennec - a species of desert fox.
FTW - Fox The World!
fulvus - The American Red Fox
Galoo -- Innu / Cree for "the damn thing keeps floating back up to the surface!"
Griffin -Thought to represent strength and vigilance.
Kaiiii -- What a fox yelps when you pop a cap in its sorry ass.
Lazarus - speaking of risen from the 'dead'
Lis - Russian for "fox"
Ohio - reference to the founding place of Fox
Oprah - said always in the speaker's deepest baritone
Phoenix - eliminated, used before on another product
Quetzal wonderful bird considered like a God for Mayan culture.
Rainier - Highest mountain in Washington
Raposa - portuguese for fox
Rommel - The WWII German general, who Patton faught against, known as the "Desert Fox".
Rubicon - synonymous to "being fully committed" (Caesar crossed the Rubicon)
Sequoia - as in the tree "VFP Stands tall" (and old as languages go)
The Arabic 'Roc' (or 'rukh')
The Chinese 'Firebird'
The Egyptian bird "Bennu"
The Navahoe "Thunderbird"
Toledo - Fox Software reference
Tonatiu is the Sun's God of the Aztec civilization.
Velox - Scientific Classification. The swift fox is classified as Vulpes Velox
Viper - eliminated, used before on another product
Wolf-pack - fox-like
Yuma -- Like the Yuma, Native-Americans from SW Arizona
Zombie - it has risen from the 'dead'
Zorro - eliminated, used before on another product
The following is a comment from Ken Levy elsewhere in this thread [hint]:
I'm sorry, but the "Oooooh, this I like." comment was from Mike Stewart (msg#552346), not Ken. Martin Salias.
>>>The application of the mythology of the Phoenix is so compelling how about a bird from another culture but with a similar methology?
>>>The Egyptian bird 'Bennu'
>>>The Navahoe "Thunderbird"
>>>The Arabic 'Roc' (or 'rukh')
>>>The Chinese 'Firebird'
>>The Indonesian Garuda
>>The Persian Homa
(both airlines, but it's only an internal code) Andy D 8-)#
This one has got most votes so far on Universal Thread, and I don't see it here (or am I done for an eye exam?). --DraganNedeljkovich
Phoenix was already used as another Microsoft codename and has already been ruled out by Ken
I still vote for Phoenix - it's geographical, resurrectional, and it doesn't matter that it's been used before - it's a name that is supposed to be re-used
Andy D 8-)#
I hate Zorro because it does not conjure up an image of a Fox regardless of the translated meaning [I think of the movies and George Hamilton].
Mark McCasland Sergey Berezniker
Well Mark perhaps "El Zorro" remembers this but not Zorro. As a spanish talking It would be great for me to see a spanish codename - Pablo Roca

I like Viper. What is Spanish for Viper? - Mark
I'm for Mercury or Viper. A number of reasons to be found, I'm sure, but they just sound good to me.
Renoir Vandalet
Mines for Zorro, Thunder, Thor and KITSUNE (fox in japanese) - Martin Salias
If you can teach Ken Levy how to say Kitsune, I'll change my vote for this one! - Mark McCasland
Ben Franklin said that Thunder was nice, but the power was in Lightning! - JLKreps
I like Zorro and Viper - Cathy Pountney
I really like EL ZORRO !
Ariel Gimenez -Argentina-

It Has to be Velox - Scientific classification: Foxes belong to the family Canidae. The red fox is classified as Vulpes vulpes, and the gray fox as Urocyon cinereoargenteus. The swift fox is classified as Vulpes velox, the long-eared kit fox as Vulpes macrotis, and the cape fox as Vulpes chama. Ruppell's sand fox is classified as Vulpes rueppellii, the fennec as Vulpes zerda, and the arctic fox as Alopex lagopus.
- Mark Young

I also choose El Zorro
Luis Maria Guayan - Tucumá® - Argentina
I like Zorro. BTW Viper in spanish is "vibora" - EG
"Merlin" - because we all do magic things with VFP every day. - Rick Borup
"Cobra" - Fast and Deadly - Tommy Tillman
FoxGlove, FoxBane, Mongoose (faster than a cobra), FoxBat, Prowler, DataForge - Ray Kirk

Tortoise, Chameleon - Val Matison
My suggestion is "Atlantis", of which dreams and miracles came. - Chuck Williams
I like El Zorro
Ignacio Arias
Londrina - Parana - Brasil
I think Voodoo would have been cool if EPS hadn't used it. How about something like Cairo or Sphynix. Eygptian names always have that "ring" to it. Brazil would be cool too. Toledo isnt' bad either. -- Mike Helland
Proton - Glenn Domeracki
Rainier or Zorro great logo opportunity :-) David Fluker
My vote is for ZORRO! - Casey O'Mara
My vote is for Zorro as well. But as for the logo opportunity, it's just a codename behind the scenes, right? Was there ever a logo for Hail Storm? or even the others? -- Michael Babcock
I like Lazarus, sounds cool and has that whole risen from the supposed 'dead' meaning to it! -jfh
How about Apex, or Summit, or Zenith - the height of RAD development (just a little hyperbole :}) - Bob Edgar
Saboteur - Now Fox hunting is illegal in UK thanks in part to the Hunt Saboteurs - Charlie Blakey
Hurricane - Glenn Domeracki
Rommel - Michael Reynolds
My vote is for "El Zorro" - Joan Mir
I vote for Mercury - Jess Banaga
Why Thor?

Thor is the god of war, thunder and strength. He represents strength and determination.

Its time for the Fox to grow up, assert itself, and kick some ass.

Thor best represents this bold vision for VFP.

- Malcolm Greene
Thor - The Original God of the Porta Bar

This adventurous god once visited Joturheim, the land of the giants. The king of the giants looked at him scornfully and said, 'Is this stripling the mighty god, Thor? Perhaps you are mightier than you appear. What feat do you deem yourself skilled in?' ' I will test my prowess in a drinking bout with anyone,' smiled Thor.

- Malcolm Greene
Why not Zorro?

1. Easily confused with and/or saterized as 'Zero'
2. Identity confusion associated with many different actors.
3. Too mainstream 'Disney' - no 'edge'.
4. Hides behind a mask. It's time for the Fox to stop hiding!
5. Too pretty boy.

- Malcolm Greene
Thor vs. Zorro?

In a celebrity death match, Thor kicks Zorro's ass.

- Malcolm Greene
Viper - E.R. Gilmore, Jos郯nstant
Marion - lc
Dolphin or Orca.
Both represent a sea version of fox. Fast and intelligent.

Atlantis is nice too.

Technology as old as fox. Yet still one of the fastest things that humans ever built.

Would be too disappointed if Zorro wins (also Swing would:).
Cetin Basoz

Raptor - Smart and fast


Raptor - Will Jones...I just like the connotations.. old but still deadly (don't mention the fact that it is extinct)
ZorroOcho concatenation Zorro Ocho Glenn Domeracki

Visual Bob - the name says it all! John Harvey
Yoda - I am no cabalist but...
Y=25 + O=15 + D=4 + A=1 =45
F=6 + O=15 + X=24 =45 - Alek Massey
Has no-one suggested Unix-style acronyms? e.g. something

FITTING - FoxPro Is Truly Terrific In (its) Next Generation
FOXPRO - FoxPro Overcomes eXtreme Prejudice, Retaliates Overwhelmingly

- bad examples, but you get the idea...


Summary so far:

Zorro with 12 votes
Viper with 4 votes
Thor/Thunder with 5 votes

Can we pare it down to these 3 and start deciding? If so, include your name and no voting twice with an alias < bg >

NO! NO! NO! WHY is this considered necessary?. . .only because the one leading is one you are not partial to (apparently, by your 'vote' hereunder).
That's the way "democracy" works - ALL the people get to vote on ALL the options and the option with the biggest vote count wins!
I would have no objection whatsoever (other than thinking it was tacky) for you to LOBBY FOR one you particularly liked, but to cut the field down and incluyde your favourite too is simply not right.
PEOPLE - keep voting as has been the practise/convention and let the best name win! --JimNelson

Bull! There is always a runoff between the top two when the top 1 does not have a MAJORITY [at least in the US in non-Presidential races]. Since there was a tie between 2 & 3, I included them. Besides it is a moot point since Zorro is thankfully axed.
BULL BULL! In Canada we regularly have 4-8 people run and the most votes gets it.

That is a Plurality. Ken is looking for more than just a plurality for the winning entry. Mark
The code names of Viper, Zorro, and Phoenix are invalid and cannot be accepted. I suggest at this point working hard to narrow down other names and pick one and not worry about new suggestions.
Ken Levy
Visual FoxPro Product Manager
I really like the suggestions of famous people who's nicknames involved 'Fox'. They will be remembered for a good long time just as VFP will. I vote for Rommel or Marion. Count Rommel first to keep it to 2 syllables.
Interesting: President Bush and President "Fox" from Mexico were in Toledo today. How ironic. --RandyJean

As noted on the UT, Thor and Thunder have also been used for previous MS code names so it looks like they are out now.

Ken has seen those and has not commented as such. I take by his silence, these are still OK. Mark
Zorro is out ... but what about El Zorro

I like "Atlantis". The lost city is appropo, and it's a bit less "in your face" than the war-themed names. Has a classy ring, too. Spiffing up the Fox's image inside MS is part of the objective, right?
- Bruce Allen
Thoughts on Raptor (Thor redirected)

The Raptor represents speed, strength, (and according to Speilberg?) intelligence.

If you believe that its time for the Fox to grow up, assert itself, and kick some ass, then the Raptor is consistent with this bold vision for VFP. This name definitely has 'an edge' (excitement) to it.

- Malcolm Greene
Mjollnir - Thors magical hammer that would hit any target that it was thrown against, then return to Thors hand. For a time Mjollnir was stolen by Thrym, king of the frost giants, until Thor travelled in disguise to retrieve it.

- Mark Hall
DataPro - Vlad Grynchyshyn (Vlad - DataPro is a registered trademark of a technology review subscription service)
Toledo is one of the most important centers of european medieval history. still evident to today's tourist for the monumental walls around, and the "Swords of Toledo" gave to its steel-production world-wide fame. & - Pablo Roca

VOTING SECTION - Codename and Your name only please
This list is now alphabetized. I also removed comments and placed them above. This section is for Codename and your vote ONLY. No Comments. Comments go above this area. - Mark
Codenames that are OUT
Atlantis - OUT please change your votes - Bruce Allen
Thor - OUT
Viper - OUT please change your votes - Ray Kirk
Zorro - OUT please change your votes - Casey O'Mara, Cathy Pountney, RobertLadyman
El Zorro - OUT please change your vote - Leonardo Ludueñ
Codenames that are PROBABLY OUT
Merlin - Rick Borup [9/7/01 - Merlin's probably out. This morning's news on MSNBC says Merlin is the nickname for the latest version of Microsoft's Pocket PC software for handheld computers. RB]Thunder - This has already been used by another MS product Nadya Nosonovsky, Sylvain Demers, Mark McCasland, Evan Delay, Jess Banaga, Jim Nelson, Paul Borowicz, Nick Neklioudov, Martin Salias, Robert Etheredge, Robert Pierce
Codenames that are VIABLE
Blackbird - ?wgcs
Cobra -
DataPro - Vlad Grynchyshyn
Lazarus - JFH
Lightning - Robert Etheredge - Last time I voted it was removed. Lets see if this stays. - Changed my vote to Thunder see below.
Los Andes - Francisco McManus
Mjollnir - Mark Hall
Rainier - David Fluker
Raptor - Tommy Tillman, Neil Tonkin, Will Jones, Malcolm Greene, Dean Selvey,Tim Wilson, Roger Heim, Cetin Basoz, Renoir Vandalet, James Roark
Rommel - Michael Reynolds
Saboteurs - Charlie Blakey
Sequoia - JCrescencio Flores
Toledo - JVP, Pablo Roca, Carlos G.A., Raul Vidiella, Juan Pablo Martí® Peinado, Glenn Domeracki, Emiliano Diaz, Juan Carlos Flores, Patrick Stovall, Luis Martinez, Rebeca Ruí, Sergio Aguirre, Jorge Castro, Gustavo Schweitzer, Bill Armbrecht, Doug Dodge, AntonioCastañ, SergeyBerezniker, Steve Gibson, Mike Helland, Toni Feltman, Joan Mir, Isaac Venegas
Tonatiu - Mauricio Flores Olmos
Velox - Mark Young, Joel Leach , Dick Ruck
Visual Bob - John Harvey
Vulcan - Bob Lee
Yoda - Alek Massey
Yuma - Costas Menico
New York - En Honor a Las Victimas de New York, Douglas Elias.

Holy Toledo!!
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