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Feast your eyes on the following, my friends: -- INFO: List of Memory Exception Bugs Fixed in Visual FoxPro 8.0 -- INFO: List of Memory Leak and Corruption Bugs Fixed in Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.0 -- INFO: Miscellaneous Problems Fixed by Visual FoxPro 8.0
A list that is impressive in its length. But let's get some anecdotal (in the absence of statistical) evidence here, from those of you who are using VFP8. Do you think it's substantially more stable than VFP7? Do you and your users find yourselves crashing less often? And if the answers are "yes", the next question is, are you among those who swore that VFP7 was substantially more stable than VFP6? And if that is also "yes", has VFP just always been so historically buggy that version 7 can fix a humongous (sp?) number of bugs and still contain a humongous number of bugs? -- Zahid Ali
I'm crashing VFP 8 four or five times a day, usually by closing the debugger and trying to return to my code. It's most annoying when I manage to this while trying to *fix* an error. Chris Foster
I spent days with my VFP 8 crashing, I could reproduce it simply by opening debugger and closing it. I deleted the Fox User.DBF and my problems went away. Until I corrupted it again, by pressing the ! (run) on the toolbar, and VFP tried to compile and run the Fox User.DBF. Now I watch when I hit the ! (run) anymore. - Tracy Pearson
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