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VFP 8 Initial Startup

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The Command Window is too obscure for new users. A kinder, gentler interface should be available for newbies. Discuss and brainstorm.

Should VFP offer an alternate presentation layer to users? What would it do, how would it be organized, how would it look?

I vote for a prompt in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Something like the period would be good. *g*
A task-centric central-square might be a good idea.
An interface to jump between different user project environments would be nice.
It could use Web Services so extensions can be added and maintained dynamically.
I'd like to see the command window take on some behaviors of the Immediate Window in VB and Access, but still keep all the other cool features like being able to instantiate objects etc....

Some of the behaviors I'd like to see include.

Return values from functions called with "?" should be echoed back to the command window and not the VFP _screen.

Or, maybe any other open window. Add a "SET OUTPUT" command, could be window, file whatever. - ?lc

Right now (in VFP6), some menu items echo the command equivalent back to the Command Window when executed. I'd like to see EVERY menu item selected be echoed back to the command window (if possible and relevant of course) - this would be great for beginners who don't have experience with VFP syntax.
They could buy VFE from us and have it automatically start when VFP loads. Seriously, when I worked at Fox, I did some work on Fox Central. A lot more people used it than most would probably think. Something like Fox Central, but more project oriented would be a good idea. Even something as simple as a dialog to start a new project or open an existing one (with an MRU list) would be good. -- Mike Feltman

At ARS, when anyone starts a copy of VFP they get a dialog asking them which project they're working on with Icons and text, etc. SOmething like that, plus the ability to start a New Project or create a New Form or a New Program. As more is added to VFP, we could create a New Win32 EXE Project, or a New WebService Project, or a New LatestCoolestAppHere. That would be pretty similar to how the rest of VS does it, right?

But to be honest, the "initial startup" is not a real problem. If we wanted new users to really get into VFP, we would enhance other areas. (For example, not to be off topic, Consistent, Visual, object orientated Designers throughout, and other OO enhancements). -- Mike Helland

I'm trying to remember way back; didn't Fpd2.6 start with the CatalogManager or something? And didn't VFP start with some kind of "Open project" window? And didn't both have a checkbox that said "Don't show this window again"? And didn't we all check that checkbox? - wgcs YES, and that was my first thought when I read this topic.

In VFP7 we can drag the command window onto the Data Sesssion window and get a nice tabbed set. I'd like to be able to do the same thing with MODIFY COMMAND windows. Better, any window. I'd like multiple tabbed sets available. - lc
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