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For those of you who already tried to run an EXE on a windows 98, etc machine, you probably got a message saying that the VFP8R.DLL file is invalid or corrupt. Well, it's not.

Put the dll you extract from this download in the same directory as the EXE, and *poof*! it works. Ain't that nice?

-- Peter Crabtree

P.S. Those who didn't even get that far, the VFP8r.dll and VFP8renu.dll are in c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\vfp

[2002.11.05 10:53:36 PM EST] It's Here!

If you don't have it already, get it!!
This letter was posted by Ken Levy to the Pro Fox listserve on 2002.11.01. The link will be posted here as soon as it's available.

The VFP OLEDB provider update beta will be available on or before Monday 11/4. Stay tuned for a posting here and on when it is live online for download.

In addition, I have some good news for everyone. Based on the demand for the VFP 8.0 beta and also the importance of making the beta available to MSDN Subscription customers well, I was able to have the entire VFP 8.0 beta be made available on the Microsoft MSDN web site as a world wide free public beta for anyone (not just VFP developers) to download and use until we release VFP 8.0 the first quarter of next year.

The updated VFP OLE DB provider will be slightly updated over the version included in the VFP 8.0 beta, so downloading both will be recommended. The VFP 8.0 beta will be available online early next week for anyone in the world to freely download and use. When it is available live, a news item will be posted at with a link.

I hope everyone agrees this is great for VFP 8.0. This is the first time any version of FoxPro has been made a public beta for anyone to freely obtain.

Ken Levy
Visual FoxPro Product Manager
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