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VFP 8 View Designer

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
  • Now a two way tool so you can modify the code and the VD will parse it back to the visual tool when you save
  • If the underlying table is modified you can still open the view in the editor without major heart failure.
  • You can specify an alias to use for each table that you select.
  • You can select the same field more than once. You can also add field names to be used in the resulting cursor.
  • You can specify simple sub-queries.
    Does it support free tables and 2.x tables too? Gary Wynne
    Yes, you can read from and write to free tables with a view. -- Pamela Thalacker
    No, cause they are not views. However, there is a new table designer too, wich works for contained and free tables. But, I think if you modify the structure of a 2.x table in VFP it becomes a VFP table. Or did you mean can you create views of free tables? I think the answer to that is yes. -- Bob Archer
    The Query Designer and View Designer are really the same tool, with just some added stuff in the View Designer. So, almost all the enhancements shown above apply to the Query Designer, as well. --TamarGranor
    What I really meant was does the view designer expressly support free tables (as opposed to views themselves). For example, both Erik Moore's "eView" and Steve Sawyer's "View Editor" both choke on "free tables". They both make the assumption that the table belongs to the DBC in question. Gary Wynne
    White Light Computing's View Editor Professional v3.x supports free tables (it is available at
    I'm still not sure what you're asking, but if the question is whether you can use free tables in views you build with the VD, the answer is yes. In fact, you've always been able to do that. -- Tamar Granor
    I realise now that I am not sure what I am asking. Of course, the current view designer supports free tables. Because of the limitations of the VFP view designer, I tried to use eView and View Editor. They don't support free tables. As the VFP view designer has had its overhaul and should now provide features found in eView/ViewEditor, the limitation of these tools has stuck in my mind. So, to refine the question even more, I presume that the newest features of the VFP8 view designer work with free tables? Due to the amount of 2.6 --> VFP conversion work I do, I always have to handle free tables in view but as my views are generally too complex for the V7 and earlier view designer, I cannot turn to the other offering because of their lack of support for free tables. Phew!!! -- Gary Wynne

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