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VFP 9.0 Issue - Large DBFs

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I'm having an issue with reading in large DBFs (~ 2,000,000 rows ; 370MB) in that with VFP9 I get a file corruption error but with VFP7 the file opens fine. Is there a patch or something that might help. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

What do you mean by "file corruption"? Also, see SET TABLEVALIDATE in help. Quite likely, VFP 9 is warning you about something profound that VFP 7 isn't able to tell you about. So it may not be a VFP 9 issue per se, but an issue related to your .DBF's integrity -- Steven Black

I encountered a similar problem. When I open a particular table directly from VFP9, it says that the table is corrupt. But if the same table is opened through ODBC, using VFP9, it opens fine! Jean-Pierre Scerri

There is a file problem. VFP 7.0 is simply ignoring it. Later versions were enhanced to give the message.
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