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VFP 9 Ignoring Mouse Clicks

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I have it on reliable authority that VFP 9 has a backwards-compatibility issue that manifests itself in some controls not responding to mouse clicks. The only workaround is re-creating the offending forms from scratch in VFP 9.
According to that authority this problem is "EXTREMELY WELL KNOWN" in the VFP developer community. I can't find any mention of this by Googling it. I'm contemplating upgrading from 8 to 9, but I hesitate because of this issue. Does anyone have any information regarding this issue?
Ray Kirk

Sounds like rubbish to me. We have a v large vfp8 app that we moved to vfp9/sp1 with only a couple of minor changes - and certainly never encountered what you describe.

News to me. Repro case? -- Steven Black

I've never had mouse clicks ignored in all the years I've worked with VFP 9. -- Art Bergquist

Looks like your reliable authority is not that reliable. -- Grigore Dolghin

I sat in sessions at the MVP Summit where VFP 9 bugs were prioritized. I've never heard of this one. You should set things straight with your unreliable source. -- Craig Berntson

I have experience with VFP 8 and 9 NOT firing on a "first-click", but then firing on subsequent clicks of the same control. Usually, it is the close control ("x") on the form, but I have noted it (from time to time) in others as well. The behavior has been sporadic with no clear steps to reproduce. It's a minor annoyance to me at this stage. -- Larry Rix

I have run into a bug where rightclicks don't work after a drag-and-drop operation. IIRC, you have to click on the control before double-clicking.--TamarGranor
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