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VFP Advertising Deprivation Syndrome

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

The starvation of the VFP community from the blood of life with regard to the support of VFP as a useful language in the advertising media.... or something like that
-- Peter Easson
Maybe someone should explain this to me because I don't understand. How is the VFP Brand Marketing Problem addressed simply by advertising? Sorry, I just don't get it.-- Steven Black
It includes (but is not limited to) brand awareness. Just yesterday, I was asked to convert a FP2.6 legacy program and I said that I would redo it in VFP6 and the reply was "We don't want that, write it in Java or something.... that language is dead isn't it?"
-- Peter Easson
MSDN Magazine's last issue arrived this week [2001.06.25] and not one mention of the impending release of VFP7, not even in their news section. -- Alex Feldstein
Got the Australian version today and same thing. I would like to REPEAT my call for a VFP7PressRelease to be formulated. The topic got scrubbed recently and I hope that it gets revived. I'd be happy to spend a few hours and submit it everywhere (including Microsoft Australia who OPENLY discourage the use of VFP as a developing tool) -- Peter Easson

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