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VFP Automated Testing

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Since VFP doesn't use "real" windows controls, mainstream testing products don't work very well with VFP. How do automatically test VFP apps, then?
One of the better tools for testing VFP applications is Rational Team Test. We wrote some utilities for evaluating a VFP form's object hierarchy and writing the automation script from that. The language that Rational Team Test uses is very much like VisualBasicForApplications. It can be done.... Rod Paddock

There are testing-related things for which VFP has real affinity. Creating and manipulating VFP objects is so easy. Assuming a Layered Architecture and a Test Friendly Environment, the following things are in fact quite doable and worthwhile with programs and VFP-driven test scripts: Black Box Testing, Boundary Value Testing, Class Integration Testing, Class Testing, Method Testing, White Box Testing

A Self Test Method is usually a good idea.

See Fox Runner

Possibly see Automanual but this link ( is no longer valid

VFP7 comes with the Automated Test Harness tool that intended to help create scripts that you can run to automate the testing of your Visual FoxPro applications. The tool uses Microsoft Accessibility (MSAA) technology to record and play back mouse and keyboard events.

See also Automated Testing
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